Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Its the biggest shopping day of the year - called Black Friday. We did NOT shop - Slept late, worked on Guatemala Mission, kissed Spencer off to school, visited by parents (Joe and Ellen) for a few hours, ate BBQ (not turkey) for supper, watched it drizzle all day long, did not receive a call back from Rick's parents, discussed at length with my mate how we should act, love and proceed to Christmas.  It was a slow and lazy day, which was great.  While visiting my parents, I found some old family pictures.  I love to reminisce.  

Today, Bullen's flower should have received her special package, but he has no way to communicate with her at this time........

Lord, You give us grace, You know our every thought, You are all we need.  You are the only One who can change this Mitchell family problem and feelings.  You are our Redeemer, Restorer, Rebuilder, Rewarder.  Thanks for Your Love.
Scatter Christ and Grace

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Our two unmarried children are home for Thanksgiving and we are so blessed to be able to spend time with them.  I got up to start the food for the day, watched a little of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  The men all washed their cars as it was a beautiful sunny day out.  My mom and dad came over (Joe and Ellen Murchison) right before noon to eat with us.  Football, food and fellowship was a big part of our day.  I received a "blocked" phone call on my cell phone early afternoon - a little hesitant to answer - I said Hello.  "Mama, this is snowman and I miss you." It was one of my Sudan boys in Wadley.  They had finished eating their first real Thanksgiving in America with a large family and learned so many of our traditions (turkey, dressing, mucho food). It was such a blessing to hear from Bullen.  Our two married children and grandchildren were going to come over this evening, but the little ones were very tired - so they called for a raincheck.

As I sit here tonight, I want to thank my Heavenly Father for all of my many blessings. Thank you for My Mate - I love him with all of my heart and he is a wonderful husband, father and grandfather. Thank you for our children (Richard, Joanna, Wesley & Spencer).  Thank you for our grandchildren (Kainaan, Josiah, Elijah, Caleb, Libby, Maleah & Jace).  Father, thanks for our home and food that you have provided.  I thank you so much for my friends and faith family. I am thankful for our health and jobs.  Lord, I ask that You bless and make women after Your heart the spouses of Wesley, Spencer, Bullen (Anita), & Andrew - You already know their names.  I love You with all of my heart and I praise Your name for all that You have provided. 
Scatter Christ

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Seven of us left for the Black Belt at 8:45 am.  It was a beautiful day and we were off to be the hands and feet of Jesus in LA (lower Alabama).  We met the social worker at the York drug store to follow her to the Ethridge's with 5 children.  Ms. Lisa Ethridge was so sweet and she had written us a card of thanks.  We left the middle of nowhere and headed to the Bolden's.  

Ms. Bolden has six children - stair steppers - up to age 10 and no running water.  She looked so young to be a mother of six and was so thankful for the food. All of the children came running out of the house when we arrived to help carry the items. As we loved on the children their little hands were so cold, but their smiles were so warm.  

Back in the car to travel to Board of Education Office to reach Ms. Jackson before she got off from work.  We arrived too late, Ms. Jackson was already gone. Kesha began a man-hunt to find her. In the meantime, we drove to the Butler Piggly Wiggly to see Ms. Nora Compton.  She has just started a new job at the Pig after new management at the KwikMart laid her off.  Ms. Compton was a short round faced lady with a genuine heart of thanks.  She is working so hard to make ends meet with two teenage children. 

Ms. Jackson called Kesha back and she was at a friends house around the corner from Ms. Compton waiting on a ride home.  We delivered Ms. Jackson's food to the front porch.  A nicely dressed lady who requested prayer for her husband and his unspoken situation.  She expressed hard times making ends meet and thanked us so much for the help.

Last family was approximately 5 miles away.  We drove up to this nice house, with Christmas lights strung across the front porch, a two car carport that was as neat as a pen, a nice grass front yard and a shy little girl (9) peeking over the rail.  Ms. Carrington greeted us with a hug in her velour sweat suit and her hair tied up in an Aunt Jemimah scarf.  We entered this super clean house with new floors, a nice futon sofa and a table and chairs.  Mom and daughter appeared very cowed, but very thankful for our generosity.  As we left the house, Kesha's eyes were filling with tears.  What!  This precious little girl had come to her office last week hungry and told her that she had been eating syrup made from sugar and water due to hard times. Kesha explained that this nice home was an old daycare that has been empty for some time and Ms. Carrington had acquired it trying to get back on her feet.  

My heart is heavy and my mind is racing on how to help these people - --------
IT IS SO MUCH BETTER TO GIVE than to receive!  We are beyond BLESSED!
Scatter Christ

Monday, November 24, 2008

MONDAY monday

Whew, up early to work (6 am).  Lots to do today before 12......

Arrived home to put together dressing for Choctaw County and get food ready for 5 families:  Lord, Thank you that we can share food with the needy and show them the kind of love You show us.  Be with this team of Christ-Followers as we travel tomorrow.
Scatter Christ

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Murch Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for the Murchison's.  For the past 12 years, this family has Thanksgiving on the Sunday before.  The Edward's travel to Balitmore and the JGMurchison's travel to Cullman.  It was a great time for food, fun and fellowship.  All of the kids are getting so big - Wesley (24), Spencer (18), EC (10) CA (9), Miller (8), Leeiii (8). The children drew names for Christmas, we took lots of pictures and ate lots of food.  

I am so thankful for my family. I love my mate! and my mighty men of God (boys).  Father, Thanks for the men in my life, they are all so very very very special, they take great care of me and I love them dearly.  Thanks for my Mom and Dad, who taught me how to love and were a great example of a marriage.  A mom and dad who took me to church to learn about Jesus.  Thank you for my brother, who I will always have so many fond memories from growing up.  I love him with all of my heart.  Last but not least, my sister.  She is my best friend, confidant, boss, sounding board, doctor, counselor, etc.  When we are together - we laugh, cry, shout, pout, hug and talk about whatever is on our mind.  God, Thanks for my baby sister.

 I am especially thankful that Leeiii is doing so great.  God gets all of the praise for such a perfect brain surgery. 
 Leeiii is, was and always will be an angel, a special blessing from heaven.  He is such a strong boy that always has a big smile and will make you laugh.  Thank you Jesus for this precious little miracle. 

Scatter Christ

Friday, November 21, 2008

Choctaw County

Today I talked with the social worker in Choctaw County, Alabama.  We were mapping out the delivery of meals for Thanksgiving to several families next Tuesday.  Kesha has been such a blessing to the people of Choctaw County.  She is always helping these families with every day life.  She is being used by God to help the poor.  She is the angel who has been sent to see the needs of the people in this community.  I am so thankful that we can be a part of this process. Lord, go with us to this community and help us to show Your love and compassion for those in need.   We thank You so much for the abundance of food that we can share.  

Scatter Christ

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dressing Day

Today is Dressing Day.  Mom and I will be making Thanksgiving dressing for our family and 4 families in Choctaw County, Alabama.  Mucho cornbread, loaf bread, celery and onions.  This dressing is a recipe that has been handed down from my paternal grandmother.  It is SOOOOO delicious and it could be the only thing on the menu as far as I am concerned.  

A small group Bible Study will deliver Thanksgiving Dinner to 4 families in Choctaw County next Tuesday.   

Scatter Christ

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


A 16 yr old boy has been arrested in sending the ransom letters.  He told police/FBI that he wanted a computer and a car.  This is not the first time he has sent out letters with threats.  We are not sure how he came to send us or the others a letter.  The authorities think that the letters were mailed and not hand delivered. We will pray for this young man to come to know Jesus!  
Scatter Christ

Friday, November 14, 2008


I received a phone call from my sister an hour ago!  A letter was in their mailbox - 80K dollars by next Friday or harm will come to you and your family.  I can not believe what I am hearing.  The letter was stamped with no postmark, addressed to her husband, stapled, with an address to deliver the money and strict instructions not to go to the police.  This has our family on edge to say the least......
Heavenly Father, protect our family and be with this desperate person as You go before us.
Scatter Christ

Thanks RITA!

This is Rita, she was previously homeless and living at the Bethany Home in 2005.  

We became friends.  We are having so much fun at the beach.  My friend, Rita, won this trip on ABC 33/40 and it is her first trip to the beach in over 10 years.  Sun, surf, seafood and sleep have been on the agenda. We all decided to travel very light and inexpensive, but we have been to Publix everyday. Lord, Your creation is so amazing and beautiful!  Thank You for letting us enjoy it for a few days.
Scatter Christ

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beach Bums

Beach bums we are.  Today was a beautiful day at the beach. Sunny, not to hot, not to cool, just perfect for the R&R we are obtaining.  We were saddened by the loss of a friend last night, although we know she is in a better place and not suffering any longer after a long battle with cancer.  My heart weeps for her children as they will miss her deeply.  Tomorrow will be a celebration of Susan Peterson's life and our "Goodtime" will be there to support his long-time friend.  I am reminded to cherish every moment of this life and thank God for every breath. Father, be with this family in the days ahead. Give them comfort and a peace that surpasses all understanding. 
Scatter Christ

He goes BEFORE us

Below is an email from Snowman Tawil and an example of how our Father goes Before US in everything.  Thank you God for using us to begin a restoration of a relationship.

it was good last knight in the church with my friend and when i come back it was late aroung 11:00 and i thing you have slept and will will not call you becouse you need some rest and i hope we shall talk more

You can not believe this i am talking with some body in Mundri over phone and i wanted him to go get my Grand father so that i can talk with him and he said "" wife is here and she wanted to say hey to me and i said it is ok and she takled with me and she said she was sorry for all her husband did and love us and i tolk her that ihave brough some gift for her and she was realy suprised

thank you for telling us last time to love them and you have done great thing my God bless you 

love you Snowman Tawil

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Real GOAT!

Tonight was the last night of our Precept Genesis part I study at our home. The group of Christ Followers that gather every Tuesday night presented us with a wonderful gift in appreciation of our hospitality. The group purchased us a GOAT!!! Yes a real GOAT. Rick and I were so excited. This is the best gift ever! Our GOAT will be given to a family in Africa or Central America for milk. Thank you Father that we can scatter Your Name by helping the poor.  We will miss each of you until 2009. Thanks a MILLION.

Scatter Christ

Friday, November 7, 2008


We picked up our boys in Wadley early and returned to Birmingham for the weekend.  During our travel time, we learn new praise and worship songs, talk about life, share family stories, hear each others hearts, learn new English words, teach American traits, compare our lives and discuss just about anything from the colorful trees to girlfriends. 

One of our many discussions today was about a dear friend of theirs.  They trusted "Mr. Man" with all of their hearts and Mr. Man had let them down.  Mr. Man fended for himself and let the other team members fall.  They felt betrayed and bitter.  Manga and Snowman Tawil did not want to have anything to do with this person ever again.  We discussed how Mr. Man was probably just trying to keep himself above water and although this didn't make it right, we must be like Jesus and rise above it.  We have to have the fruits of the Spirit and be loving, kind, patient and gentle.  If an apology comes - Great - if it never comes - It's OK.  We have to choose to be like Christ and be obedient to what He calls us to do.

Scatter Christ

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Secret Church

Rick and I are so excited to be able to spend this weekend with our new sons from Mundri, Sudan. Manga is 25 yrs old and Snowman Tawil is 23 yrs old.  

God brought us together in 2006 when they visited the United States for the first time.  We were privileged to hear their testimonies, visit with them in our home, eat Dreamland ribs together and pray with each other before their return to the Sudan.  I was mesmerized by their stories, my heart was melted by their love and I longed to spend more time with them.  Rick and I continued to communicate with them in Uganda while they were in school with computer access.  Rick was given the opportunity to go into the bush (Sudan) and visit Mundri in November 2006.  Rick and Manga prayed as they walked in Mundri for God to bring them together again for His Glory.  

Six weeks ago we received an email from Snowman Tawil.  They were in the United States.  They were in Alabama.  They were in college in Wadley.  Wow!  This could only be accomplished by one person - Our Creator, Father and Savior.  We give Him all of the praise!

The four of us will be participating in Secret Church.  We will study God's word for 6+ hours just like the persecuted church in many parts of the world.  We will learn about the Holy Spirit and pray for Africa, China, India, Ecquador and all of the other parts of the world where they do not know the name of Jesus.  

Scatter Christ