Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fire at Auto Mall

Investigation continues into fire at Jefferson County auto sales business

My sweet child drove past this fire when flames were just beginning to show. He stopped and went into the building to see if anyone was there. Two workers were working feverishly to get some items out of this building. Thank you Wesley for your compassion! ILU  

Monday, April 16, 2012

South Sudan

More and more news is coming out of Sudan and the unrest happening in this new country!  I long to go to the town of Mundri, Sudan and see the place where my sweet children were raised.  I have heard so many stories and have this picture in my brain of what it is suppose to look and be like.  Pray for these persecuted Christians as they build their country.  Pray for Bullen and Andrew and their families as they prepare to return to a new nation.  Pray for how you and I can help them across the ocean.  Pray that they can Show, Share, Teach and Serve each widow and orphan in their path.  Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be their mom in America!  Thank you for the blessing of their lives.  Show us Your plan Lord and let us be obedient to follow. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wall of Crosses

This wall is a collection of crosses from all over the world.  Instead of selecting a picture or magnet, I try to find a cross from all the places we travel.  All of them are different materials; such as glass, wood, carved slate, beads, ceramic, iron, bottle caps, calligraphy, aluminum, cookie cutters, clay bisque, resin, etc. Some of the different places include Greece, Uganda, Brazil, Guatemala and Haiti - some are from antique stores, some were precious gifts for special occasions and each of them are a constant reminder of Jesus, who died for my salvation!