Friday, August 5, 2005

Mike's Pawn

The night of the Big Reveal - Dawn E. was kicked out of the Bethany Home - she had been 55 days without drinking alcohol - she went to the laundry mat and had a few beers which is against the rules of the ladies shelter. Lori and I have received many phone calls from DE to come and pick her up on Southside - we went but could not find her on the streets. During our weekend at the Radisson - DE showed us a diamond necklace that her mom had given her for her sobriety. DE left a message on my cell phone that she had pawned the necklace for beer and drugs.

Today we (Lori and I) set out to find DE - We heard that she was at First Light - not there - we went to Bethany Home and were told that DE took the bus to Pensacola Florida to be with her father.

Mike's Pawn Shop was the next stop - We found the diamond necklace - Paid 60.00 (she got 25.00 when she pawned it) - Maybe one day - Angel Friday will meet with DE again and give her the necklace from her mother.