Thursday, June 7, 2007

NY Talk

My name is Lisa Mitchell

Angel Friday Ministry

Before I begin to talk to you about myself and How God is using me and working in my life

Lets Pray

God I praise you for who you are, I praise you for what you are going to do today. I thank you for my home (Birmingham) and my precious husband and family. I thank you allowing me to be used by You in NY and around the world. I ask Lord that everyone here will open their eyes, ears and hearts and let you work in and among us. Use me anyway you wish - speak in me and through me and allow me to be your vessel. We praise You for this time we can spend together learning to worship You. In Your Precious name we pray. AMEN.

1. What do you think the word Angel means? Write down a short description of the word ANGEL. The first thing that comes to mind with the word Angel.

2. Write down a short one word or sentence. When you are driving, working, watching tv or whatever. What really touches your heart. What makes you sad or feel a heartfelt heavy. For Example: Elderly people with no one to care for them, a child whose parents are not present or care in their life, a homeless person on the side of the road, who touches your heart.

3. Turn your card over and write down this answer.

I want you to think about something for a moment and I want you to be honest with yourself.

Why am I here in this church tonight?

Why am I living in NY,

Every day you wake up – what do you do and Why?

What is your objective as parent or spouse or a co-worker?

What is your purpose in life? What do you aim for, what is your ultimate target?

I have to tell you that my spiritual gift is NOT Public Speaking – or talking in front of people. My stomach hurts, it makes me cry – literally sick.

Phil 3:14 - I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Raised in a Christian Home – Church on Sunday/Wednesday

Married my church sweetheart at 19.

Divorced at 21

Re-married at 22

Blessed with two beautiful sons

This marriage was all about me.

I wanted total control over his life and mine

I was filled with fear and jealousy - fear of loosing another husband

You name and I was afraid of it.

I was a nagging wife – where are you going, what time will you be home,

why are you working late, why didn’t you call me today from work,

a constant question, who are you calling on your cell phone.

NYE 2000 – celebrating the New Millennium –

My precious husband ask me for a divorce.

I was devastated, hurt, rejected and all my fear had come to just like I thought.

My 18 year marriage was ending? Why?

I really had no idea

God showed me through a book – The power of a Praying Wife – Life was not about ME

I began to pray for God to “Save my Marriage – Change my husband.

Guess what: My husband was not the one God wanted to Change – IT WAS ME

It took everything I had in me to pray “CHANGE ME LORD” But as I began to pray this prayer and change my nagging, become a helpmate to my husband, love him unconditionally.

Things began to change.

Guess how long this change took: 3 ½ years

Many nights when I didn’t know where he was, I wanted to file for divorce, call and yell at him, run, many nights I cried. Many nights my husband slept in another bedroom. I had to leave a big house, I sold 75% of everything in my house. I had to leave my family (parents, sister, brother, and one child) and move 12 hours from the place I called home with a man I wasn’t even sure I would remain married to.

But I had to be obedient to GOD and His Word. After 3 ½ years I finally knew that God had bigger things in store.

I am going to fast forward several years. There was a Pastor in the new city – whom we met through my sister’s church friend of a friend, if you get the point. One night he casually mentioned that his ministry was taking a team to work in the slums of Brazil. I asked lots of questions, but there was no way I had the money to travel to Brazil (only rich people can do this). He encouraged me to look into going and step out on faith.

Needless to say I went to Brazil on my first mission trip, my first time ever out of the country, my first time to ever pray in front on anyone, but I was on the observation tower most of the time, just watching, loving on the children (which is my strength). We had been there for almost a week and the trip was ending, when in front of our whole team, the leader told me that I needed to be the one to speak at a Brazilian church service we were going to attend. I burst into tears. What’s wrong. I don’t speak in front of others, God did not bring me here to speak – I am suppose to love on children and feed them and play with them. The next 4 hours were a nightmare (I thought). I cried uncontrollably, the leader angry took me off of the agenda for the church service, I still cried. I cried all the way to church, praying what I am going to say……HELP.

Junior is in the front of the church translating – I got up and went to front of the church to share – I really don’t remember what I talked about - God calmed my fears and led me to share. Since then, I have shared several times and every time God will stretch me beyond my comfort level.

OK, Lets Talk about Angel Friday – I met a new friend on a Mission Trip to Guatemala in 2004. I went on a team and I knew no one when we left. She and I became friends and we realized that we both had a love or a passion for orphans and needy people. I work, but I am off on Friday.

My home church did something called “Extreme Home Graceover” and one of the seven homes our church graced over was a homeless shelter for women, called Bethany Home.

Do any of you know anyone homeless? Maybe living in a shelter or a group home.

One day months after our return from Guatemala, I called and asked her play with me for the day. We went looking for this one lady who had been kicked out of Bethany home – We went to First Light, We went to a nearby park, we went up and down the streets near the home less shelters. I knew from a phone conversation, that she had pawned her diamond necklace that her mother gave her for being sober for almost two months. We called the pawn shops and found the necklace and went to purchase. I still have that necklace. I will see again one day and give it to her and maybe just maybe it will be the seed that will change her life forever. THIS IS HOW ANGEL FRIDAY STARTED! Lori and I were so blessed this day working to share Jesus’s Love that we decided we would like to do it again. So several weeks later –again and again and again.

What is purpose in your life. God tells us in his word. He knew us before we were born – that he made each one of us with a purpose. We all have different gifts – preachers, teachers, musically inclined, organization, giving and the list goes on. BUT, God made each one of us to WORSHIP HIM. We are on this earth to Worship the Lord God Almighty.

We are suppose to worship and honor God in everything we say and do. We are to worship Him all day and all night, whether at church, at work, with friends or all alone.

God also tells us in His Word – You shall Love your Neighbor as yourself.

OK – the word ANGEL – Read the definitions.

Dictionary says this: A divine being who acts as a messenger of GOD

Somebody who is kind or beautiful

A human figure with wings

A spirit that protects and offer guidance


And do you remember my only off day from work? FRIDAY

Angel Friday Ministry – Every Friday (other days as well) We practice a random act of kindness

Philippians 2:3-5

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humiity of mind reqard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interest, but also the interest of others. Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus.

Lets remember our commands from God – Worship Him in Everything we do. GO and tell the gospel in all nations all over the world.

Lord, Heavenly Father, Almighty God we come before you tonight and ask that each one of us is able to give you our heart, our soul, so that you might use us to be your hands and feet regardless of what that looks like. Give us a heart like yours.