Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ARK - Act of Random Kindness

Ronn Patterson
Date: September 7, 2016 at 5:53:22 PM CDT
I have been praying about how to use the Acts of Random Kindness dollars Scatter Christ gave the BOD. I had a couple of situations come up and the Lord just did not give me the freedom/opportunity to do something. I had an appointment in one case and later went to try to find the guy. He wanted $ for his daughter - could hardly understand him. He was carrying two stuffed animals with him. I thought that was probably his normal story to try and get money. I could not find him. I wondered what the Lord was teaching me. 
Today I learned of a single mom in my community. She has 4 girls by 3 different men. Her name is April. She had a wreck and hurt her back and is out of work. The girls had so many needs with the start of school. I gave the whole $100 to her. I have found out that her girls are coming to some special events at my church but I am pretty certain her greatest need is Jesus. I'm praying that this ministry and other things the Lord will do will open up opportunities to share Christ with her.