Wednesday, March 15, 2006

RAVEN West Birmingham

It's Friday - Lori and I really don't have any plans for today. We set out with our eyes open as we drove into a shopping center off of Highway 280. Lori was driving and walking down the middle of the road was a very very large women. I told Lori to stop and ask her if she needed a ride. Lori rolled down the driver's window and asked the lady if we could give her a ride. The young lady, breathing hard, sweating, and swinging her white grocery sack replied "that would be great." She got into the back seat. Her name was Raven and she lived West Birmingham. She asked for a ride to the Walmart on 280, which is the closest bus stop. Raven was getting help on trying to lose weight at "LA Weight Loss". She has a 4 yr old little girl and lives with family. As we drove up to the bus stop she was so thankful for the ride. A small deed can be a big seed sown.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Angels are Friends

"Angels Are Friends"

Angels are all around me
Some I cannot see.

Always near or by my side
Gently helping be my guide.

When life's obstacles get in my way
Arms reach out to push them away.

As the tears roll down my face
An Angel is here with a warm embrace.

For the times I cannot endure
Rest at ease, I have a cure.

God above so kindly sends

Many Angels who are my Friends