Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Talk

On Sunday morning, David Platt introduced the four internationals to the congregation and each one shared their story.  The stories were a little unbelievable, a little sad, and very heart grabbing.  I just loved their British English accent and the way they presented their faith in Jesus.

For those of us who wanted to hear more, there would be one more event at Lloyds Restaurant on Highway 280 during the evening.  These men traveled more than 6000 miles in hopes of helping people in their homeland with food and shelter.  During this evening, we learned even more about the starvation and war torn villages of South Sudan.

A friend of mine, Lori, and I had made handkerchiefs for these men with their initials on them.  Don't ask me where that came from because I have no idea.  Each one accepted their gift with graciousness and were so humble in spirit.  Our youngest son, SEM, and I made an instant connection with the youngest young man, whose name was Bullen Timo. We spoke to him after the meeting and then got in line to talk with him again and again.  We stayed way past our welcome, as the missionaries from TN who were traveling with them were ready for everyone to be gone.  Our church raised 10's of thousands of dollars for these families across the globe.  We said our goodbyes with hugs and comments of "see you in heaven one day".

Wow - our paths had crossed for such a short period of time (about 6 hours: 3 hours for dinner at Dreamland; 1 hour in church service; 2 hours at dinner and visit at Lloyds), 360 Minutes.  This will be very significant as this story unfolds..........

SIDENOTE:  A couple of things about this time that I now know 10 yrs later.  Bullen, in the process of traveling, carrying luggage, sleeping on a mattress, etc, had pulled his back out.  He was in extensive pain every time he moved.  He hurt when he stood, moved or lay down, but he was required by the director to get up and get sharing.

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