Thursday, May 5, 2016

Access Denied

The meeting at Lloyd's was around the end of April 2006 and the Sudanese tour was scheduled to end sometime mid-end of May 2006. Our four new friends, Jeffreys, Stephen, Bullen and Andrew, would be returning home within a couple of weeks. Our family conversations were constantly about our new friends.

Left to Right: Bullen, unknown, Andrew
Standing: Jeffreys

SEM and I decided that we wanted to see Bullen Timo one more time before he returned to South Sudan.  I called the sponsoring ministry to inquire about the location of the last few speaking engagements for the Sudansese.  SEM and I were going to travel to that location and just speak to, see and hug Bullen one more time!  I continued to leave message after message at their office with no response (of course, they were on the road).  Every afternoon SEM would come home from school and ask if I had gotten any information of BUllen's location.  Days later, the director's assistant returned my call and I didn't hear the words that I wanted to hear.  The Sudanese's schedule was too busy and they were moving in many different directions, therefore the ministry would not allow us a time to visit.  A little sadness, but not heartbroken, we understood that God was in control and this wasn't about us.

I encouraged SEM to send an email to his new friend and maybe just maybe he would respond before departing.  Bullen did respond to the email with kind words of encouragement but no place to see him again. 

Bullen and Andrew in New Orleans
Seeing God's Creation of the Ocean

Their time in the USA gave them the opportunity to speak at 35+ churches as well as other events. They met so many people throughout the States (Bullen can remember all of them and every single place he visited in detail). Have I told you that he has an unbelievable memory and his sense of direction is amazing?

God placed this young man in our hearts and minds and unbeknownst to us, our family.

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